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About SeedsHub | Concept

  • Brand Story & Core Values
    Your Faithful Partner

    Driven by a genuine love for wood and a profound appreciation for local resources, the proprietor of SeedsHub endeavors to restore the intrinsic value of wooden furniture and building materials. Moreover, their vision extends to providing entrepreneurs with comfortable and conducive workspaces, while concurrently harnessing the collective needs, resources, and aspirations of individuals to foster a more diversified range of possibilities. Thus, we actively seek out aged structures, repurposing reclaimed wood to craft SeedsHub's secure furnishings and office desks. Our unwavering focus lies in cherishing the essence of wood, nurturing aspirations, and above all, addressing the demands of "Taiwan's land." Through mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships with society, we aspire to explore boundless possibilities in the realm of spatial design.

    1.Harmony: Respect customer needs, strive to meet service expectations to a comfortable and relaxing environment atmosphere!

    2.Co-Creation: Creative ideas and business possibilities need space, resources, and time to ferment. The SeedsHub team embraces all kinds of cooperation opportunities and believes that sincere efforts can yield equivalent rewards!

    3.Sharing: In addition to sharing space, the SeedsHub team is committed to sharing trust, warmth, and resources! Creating a positive work cycle, starting from joining us.

  • Designer  ∣ Andy Lin
  • Spatial Design
    Spatial Design|Flagship

    The space design is based on ‘forest’, imagine the footloose and fancy-free of entering the office space, as if walk into the forest, the amber chandelier on the top of the front desk seems to contain the start of life. The office space is defined by tree trunks, you can absorb the fragrance of essential oils at any time, which is like absorbing anion in the forest, which can boost the spirit and improve work efficiency.

  • Designer  ∣ Ivan Chou
  • Visual Design
    Visual Design|Flagship

    The trademark of Senhuo business center is based on the ‘S’, it is also the beginning of the brand name ‘SEEDS’, two leaves combines up and down to form a tree-like shape, shows the possibility of the infinitely stimulating creativity of SeedsHub community. The basic color of the logo is transformed from ‘light green’ to ‘forest green’, hoped that every company that comes to Senhuo will grow into a big tree just like the new buds appear in spring.